Butt Augmentation – Types, Instructions, And Recovery

Butt Augmentation - Types, Instructions, And Recovery

Do you have trouble with your overdeveloped or underdeveloped buttocks? Are they the primary cause of your lack of confidence and flexibility? If your buttocks are not shaping up even after heavy exercise and suitable routines, you should consider butt augmentation.

Buttock augmentation, also known as gluteal augmentation, is a surgical procedure to alter the buttocks’ contour, size, or shape. This can be accomplished with silicon-fitted butt implants or fat grafting techniques. The surgeon may combine both surgeries in some circumstances to provide a more accentuated appearance. This procedure can give you fuller, firmer, and more youthful-looking buttocks. Butt augmentation can be used to remove loose, sagging skin or to increase a flatter surface. The procedure is ideal for people who want to have perfectly shaped buttocks in less time without making major changes to their current routine.

➤Types of Butt Augmentation:

Usually, there are three types of Butt Augmentation:

  • Butt Implants
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Butt Lift

A round, substantial booty has been a distinctive trademark and target of desire in the new millennium. Butt enhancement operations, including butt augmentation with implants, a butt lift, and the Brazilian butt lift, have grown in popularity and do not appear to be slowing down as the hottest new cosmetic procedures. In Thailand, both men and women are interested in cosmetic operations to assist in reshaping or improving their behind. But some may confuse about what options they should choose. So, let’s go over each of the three techniques one by one:

1) Buttock Implants: This cosmetic treatment uses implants to give patients more size or form to their buttocks. Buttock implants are molded and built for the buttock area to support a patient’s body weight, allow movement, and are personalized to match any body type. Therefore they come in all shapes and sizes. The incision site will be determined by a skilled plastic surgeon from a respected facility such as Rattinan Medical Center. The most usual locations for the surgery are between the butt cheeks or underneath either side, just above the upper thigh. Although this operation is more intrusive and does have a longer recovery time, it is a great choice for those who want to give their backsides additional volume or better shape. Additionally, patients who might not have enough fat for grafting, such as with a Brazilian butt lift, find it great.

2) Brazilian Butt Lift: This procedure is also known as a BBL. This technique is the least invasive choice and has emerged as one of the newest trends in butt augmentation procedures. Liposuction and fat grafting are combined in BBL operations to improve the patient’s backside. The stomach, thighs, and hips are typical liposuction target areas to get the raw fat. In order to ensure that only healthy fat cells are used for fat transfer, the fat cells are liposuctioned from one area of the body and then cleansed and processed before being removed. The healthy fat is then precisely reinserted into the patient’s glutes through tiny (5mm) incisions, giving the area a gorgeous form and contour. Since a Brazilian butt lift does not remove excess skin, a butt lift can be performed simultaneously with a BBL if the patient wants to attain this goal.

3) Buttock lift: A surgical butt lift, like a breast lift, is only appropriate for men and women with drooping, wrinkled skin behind the buttocks, most frequently due to severe weight loss or pregnancy. Patients who have lost a large amount of weight and have extra, sagging skin in their glute or upper thigh region may benefit from combining it with a lower body lift. In order to raise or draw taut the remaining skin, your doctor will first make an incision on the top of the buttocks area and remove any excess skin. Due to its placement, a butt lift does leave a visible scar, but it will fade with time. Although it can be done in conjunction with a BBL or implants, a butt lift is only used to lift the appearance of a butt that appears “droopy” and does not add volume or shape.

Each of these butt augmentation techniques aims to improve the patient’s figure’s appearance. Weight reduction, other body changes, and aging all impact the buttocks or glute area. Always choose a reputable and experienced institution, such as Rattinan Medical Center, if you consider getting a butt augmentation in Thailand.

➤Who is eligible for this surgery?

Every butt augmentation procedure employs a unique technique. Therefore, you can be the perfect patient for one surgery but not another. Consult your plastic surgeon about your best options for butt enlargement. In general, if you are healthy, prepared to deal with recovery, don’t have a chronic illness that interferes with wound healing, smoke much less, and have realistic expectations about your results.

➤Who wouldn’t benefit from butt augmentation?

People who can’t stop smoking months before the treatment or are in poor health are frequently bad candidates for butt augmentation. The sort of butt augmentation surgery you receive will also depend on your goals and anatomy. For instance, a candidate for BBL might not have a lean, slender build. A butt lift should not be used by someone whose weight is unstable.

➤Post-Surgery Precautions and Instructions: 

After your butt augmentation surgery, you should strictly follow your doctor’s instructions. Remember to take your Medicine on time and stick to these instructions:

  • Don’t Take A Shower For 24-48 hours.
  • Sit On Your Pillow And Only Sleep On your Stomach
  • Use Surgical Drains If necessary.
  • Wear Compassion Garments To Avoid Unnecessary Harm
  • If your doctor suggests, start taking medication, including antibiotics, Pain medication, Medicine to prevent blood clots, and Stool softener.

➤Complications and Risks:

The dangers of butt augmentation vary from minor to serious, depending on the procedure and other elements. Risks can be minimized by working with a board-certified, skilled plastic surgeon. But every type of butt augmentation has the potential for problems, including the following:

  • Accumulation of blood or fluid (seroma) beneath your skin (hematoma).
  • Persistent ache
  • Death of fatty tissue (fat necrosis).
  • Splitting incisions
  • Permanent loss of sensation
  • Fat or deadly blood clots
  • Enduring scarring
  • Serious infection
  • Unwanted appearance

Patients with butt augmentation need a longer time for recovery. For up to a few weeks, you might be unable to sit or sleep directly on your butt. During the healing period, follow your preferred and safe schedule and keep in touch with a skilled medical facility like Rattinan Medical Center in Thailand.