rattinan medical center 24 years
rattinan medical center 24 years

Rattinan Medical Center has been providing comprehensive
cosmetic surgery and treatment services for over 22 years.

We have a policy of only using branded products and equipment for the purposes of safety for all patients. A team of cosmetic surgeons, endocrinologists, oculoplastic surgeons, and bariatric surgeons are on the staff here. All doctors have more than 15 years’ experience in their chosen field and many have taught their skills as well, therefore you can be assured that these skills are beyond reproach.


The beginning of Rattinan Medical Center was founded by a team of doctors who have experience in various aspects of beauty. There is a need to establish a center for body contouring surgery in the heart of Bangkok. We therefore consider our customers more than profit. We choose to have only one clinic for thorough care.

We has been operating since 1999 by trusted doctors and staff. Reduce the chance of mistakes with multidisciplinary teams of experienced medical doctors , modern euipment with medical standards which provided by certified dealers. The facility must be clean, modern, germ-free, and meeting international standards.

Through compassion, comfort, convenience, and coordination, We go the extra mile to ensure that every patient is treated with care.
We concentrate on the treat with safe and using standardized products attention to every service process. Along with developing techniques and bringing new innovations to keep up to date all the time to ensure that everyone who comes to us will get the most satisfaction.

Our service

Rattinan Medical Center is not only outstanding in liposuction. We also have a number of services that are ready to serve you.

Surgery Services

Laser Treatment Service

Our service

Rattinan Medical Center is not only outstanding in liposuction. We also have a number of services that are ready to serve you.

Surgery Services

Laser Treatment Service

A review of surgery
performed by a team of expert medical professionals.

Pictures of reviews before and after cosmetic surgery from some customers. Who has been using the services at Rattinan Medical Center for more than 22 years, has gained the trust of customers for the past 2 decades.


Rattinan Medical Center has ventured the anti-aging market
Rattinan Medical Center 

has ventured the anti-aging market and teamed up with the Medeze Group to offer collection and storage services for stem cells derived from fat tissue.

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Rattinan Medical Center The Premier Destination for High-Quality and Safe Aesthetic Surgery
Rattinan Medical Center 

The Premier Destination for High-Quality and Safe Aesthetic Surgery

Rattinan Medical Center offers various high-quality aesthetic and plastic surgery services, with a particular focus on the four b’s; bariatric surgery, body contouring, breast surgery, and buttocks surgery.

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WhatClinic Patient Service AWARD 2022
Rattinan Medical Center 

4th year In recogition of excellence of patient experience ‘WhatClinic Patient Service AWARD 2022’ 

Every year, WhatClinic awards the best clinics around the world for constantly providing excellent experience and services to their patients. 

Rattinan Medical Center 

We are the first medical center in Asia-Pacific region accredited by AACI, a leading global standard in healthcare, for 2021-2022

‘Ambulatory Plastic Surgical Center’ 

We are always ready to take care of you.

We continuously improve our treatment and service quality. You are therefore confident every time you come to use the service. We are also accredited by many organizations and are well equipped with equipment and tools. You can be assured that we will serve you to your fullest potential.

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Why Rattinan Medical Center

Why Rattinan Medical Center

Dr.Suthipong Treeratana

  • M.D , 1994 (Born 1969)
  • Diplomat, American Board of QA & UR, 2001
  • Certificate of Metabolic and Weight Management , University of Syndney.
  • Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Certificate of Liposuction and Fat Graft (Canada)
  • Member, International Society of Dermatology Surgery
  • Member, American Society of Bariatric Physician

Dr. Rattinan Treeratana

  • M.D. (Hons), 1994 (Born 1970)
  • Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Certificate of Advanced Filler & [Treatment name removed] Injection
  • Certificate of Bodytite Liposuction (Canada)
  • Certificate of Weight & Metabolism Management , University of Sydney

Dr. Panot Yimcharoen

  • Surgery – Bariatric surgery and Minimally
  • M.D. degree , Mahidol University.
  • Thai Board of Surgery
  • ERCP, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana, USA
  • Bariatric and Metabolic, Cleveland Clinic Education Foundation, Ohio, USA


Rattinan Medical Center Chanel

Feedback from customers

The clinic is beautiful, clean, equipment and tools, very advanced, modern, and Dr. Rattinan Trirat Jaidee is keen and skilled to use the Laser 4D service and feel at ease The staff takes care of the service with care. Well, if anyone is looking for a safe clinic with high technology standards, modern equipment, pay attention to quality and customer service We recommend here at Rattanan Medical Center. Definitely not going to be selling the course.

K. Zine Lakana

Liposuction with Dr. Suthipong Trirat Liposuction for the third month now. Because I want to wait and see the results for sure first No problem Now you can be confident and review can tell. Liposuction here is not disappointed. At first, I was afraid of the waves. Because had previously been to suck legs at another clinic At that time we saw cheap prices. Therefore getting results that are not very good This time, suck the belly, choose here. Because a friend at work recommended And we check the information more carefully

K. Som

When fren work out, you sweat a lot. And there is an unpleasant smell that follows So many ways to solve this problem have come across the miraDry laser to reduce sweat and body odor. At Rattanan Medical Center, the results are up to 80-90% from just 2 sessions, which is more cost-effective than tearing the bows. Reduce odor, reduce sweat that has to be done every 6 months or various laser treatments In addition to reducing the smell, it can also remove hair at certain points as well.

K. Fern Hataichanok

Recently, I feel that my face is dull, not bright, plus acne marks again. So decided to do Pro yellow laser at Rattinan Medical Center, the laser itself is very good 💛 It doesn’t hurt at all, warm, and it looks smoother after treatment. The acne scars have faded a lot. I am delighted. The atmosphere at the clinic is very good, beautiful, luxurious, clean. The doctor recommends very well. Friendly talk Not tense at all. Everyone smiles, very cute, Lippy 💓

K. Somo Chayada

Praew, try to do a stylish face. With new innovations that do not have to endure pain There is no surgery with the Fotona 4D treatment that helps solve the problem of wrinkle reduction, fat reduction, skin peeling, and face lift. After the procedure, the facial skin feels firmer since the first time, deep cheek furrows can help solve the problem of pores. And will shed dull skin cells The face was clear and bounced until my elder greeted me ^^

K. Praew Patcharamai

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