miraDry Eliminates Sweat and Body Odor, Painlessly Without Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand


miraDry is a new innovation from the United States that helps solve the problem of excessive sweating and body odor. It effectively reduces the anxiety associated with underarm sweating and odor caused by sweat glands. It allows you to confidently go about your life, whether at work or social events, without the need to change your clothes. What is miraDry, how does it work, and who is it suitable for? Let’s take an in-depth look at this technology together.

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What is miraDry?

miraDry is the latest innovation that helps eliminate sweat and body odor in the underarm area using energy waves to destroy sweat and odor glands. This can effectively suppress sweating and odor in that area permanently without the need for repeated treatments. This technology is developed by miraDry, Inc., a company from the United States, and it is certified by the US FDA. It has supporting research on its effectiveness and safety and is recommended by organizations like sweathelp.org and the International Hyperhidrosis Society.

Highly safe / Effective treatment / Provides 90% results

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How does miraDry work?

miraDry suppresses the formation of sweat and underarm odor by using 5.8 GHz microwave energy, which delivers thermal energy to the true skin layer and the fatty layer (near the hair follicles). This precisely eliminates the odor and sweat glands responsible for strong body odor and excessive sweating. This energy wave is released along with hydroceramic cooling energy to protect the upper skin layer from damage while the thermal energy is at work.

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Who is miraDry suitable for?

miraDry is suitable for individuals with the following conditions:

  • Those who want to address the issue of excessive underarm sweating and eliminate body odor permanently.
  • Individuals with allergies to deodorants or other odor control products, and have not found them to be effective.
  • Those with severe underarm sweating issues or have been diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis.
  • People who want to exercise or engage in sports without the interference of sweating.
  • Individuals who have previously tried treatments like Botox or iontophoresis but were not satisfied with the results.
  • Those with strong body odor or persistent odor even after showering and using deodorants.
  • People who enjoy wearing perfumes and want to prevent their natural body odor from mixing with fragrance.

Results after miraDry Treatment

Most patients who undergo miraDry treatment experience highly satisfying results, with over 90% of them achieving significant success. This is especially true for individuals who have never addressed their excessive underarm sweating and body odor with other surgical methods, whether it’s reducing odor, minimizing sweat, or eliminating the problem of underarm stains. They can confidently lead their lives and become more self-assured.

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How many sessions of miraDry are needed to see results?

The time to see improvements depends on the individual’s satisfaction with the treatment. Since a single session can address the issue by 50-70%, it varies from person to person. If one is not yet satisfied, they may consider having another session, with a minimum 12-week interval. Most patients are satisfied with their results after 1 or 2 sessions, except in rare cases where up to 3 sessions may be needed, which is the highest statistical treatment count. However, this is a small percentage of cases.

Possible Side Effects

After miraDry treatment, there may be some discomfort from the anesthesia injection, as well as mild swelling, but daily activities can still be carried out as usual.

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Benefits of miraDry

The benefits of miraDry treatment are as follows:

  • Permanently eliminates the problem of excessive underarm sweating and unwanted odor without the need for surgery.
  • Stops allergies to deodorants and reduces the occurrence of dark underarms from chemical use.
  • Partial hair roots are removed (not directly at the spot, but as a byproduct).
  • No need to invest time and budget in repeated treatments.
  • Painless and a stable technology, ensuring definite and consistent results.
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Preparation and Aftercare for miraDry

Preparation Before Receiving the Service

After consulting with a doctor or staff, before receiving miraDry service, if it is necessary to shave or remove hair in the underarm area, do so 3-4 days in advance to prevent irritation. It is also recommended to wear clothing that is convenient for exposing the underarms on the day of the service.

Steps for miraDry at Rattinan Medical Center, Bangkok, Thailand

The steps for receiving miraDry service are as follows:

  • The staff will perform a test to measure the amount of sweat to calculate the treatment area and assess the area with a Starch-Iodine Test.
  • The doctor will mark the locations for the local anesthesia injection.
  • The process begins with the administration of local anesthesia using a specialized technique to minimize discomfort, followed by the miraDry procedure on each side. This takes approximately 40-50 minutes per side. During the procedure, the staff will explain the details and the functioning of the device.
  • It is possible to sleep during the procedure.
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Self-Care After Treatment

After miraDry treatment, you should take care of yourself as follows:

  • Apply cold compress within the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid sports or exercise for the initial 3-7 days after the procedure.
  • Refrain from using deodorant or antiperspirant for the first 3-7 days, or you can opt not to use them at all.
  • You can return to your normal activities immediately by following the doctor’s instructions closely. Swelling will gradually improve within 1 month.

Why Choose miraDry at Rattinan Medical Center, Bangkok, Thailand?

  • At Rattinan Medical Center, we are the first to introduce miraDry  in Thailand, giving us more experience than others.
  • Clear result testing before and after miraDry treatment.
  • Our doctor provides anesthesia using the Single Shot technique, which involves a single, precise injection. This method differs from others that use multiple injections. The advantage of this technique is that it causes less pain, fewer wounds, and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Our doctor combines local anesthesia using the Tumescent formula, which is different from other local anesthesia. With this formula, you won’t feel pain during the procedure because miraDry requires high levels of energy. If the anesthesia is not effective enough, the doctor won’t be able to use the energy to its full extent because patients cannot endure the pain.
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The Doctors Who Provide Treatment

Dr. Rattinan Treeratana

Dr. Rattinan Treeratana

Aesthetic Physician

Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Naruemon Wichean - Aesthetic

Dr. Naruemon Wichean


Dr.Jutamas Tankunakorn - Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr. Jutamas Tankunakorn

Cosmetic Dermatologist

How much does miraDry cost in Bangkok, Thailand?

miraDry is a widely popular innovation that is available in more than 56 countries worldwide. Over 90% of users are satisfied with the results because it is cost-effective and doesn’t require multiple sessions. It eliminates both sweat and odor entirely. Furthermore, it has been certified for its effectiveness by various research organizations. If you decide to undergo miraDry, you can rest assured, no matter how hot the weather gets.

Stop your Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Sweating with miraDry

How is miraDry different from other solutions?

Sweat gland removal surgery offers an alternative for combatting sweaty underarms, though it carries the drawback of potential scarring. Moreover, its efficacy hinges on the surgeon’s skill in pinpointing sweat glands, which are positioned mere millimeters apart.

Toxin injections represent another approach in addressing excessive underarm sweating. These injections disrupt the communication between nerve endings and sweat glands, temporarily halting sweat production. While the toxin is active, your skin remains dry. Nevertheless, this solution is transitory, necessitating injections every 6-8 months and has no impact on odor glands.

Benefits of our clinic’s hyperhidrosis treatments include minimal downtime, lasting results, immediate effects, non-invasive procedures, toxin-free solutions, and swift, in-office treatments.

Is not having a sweat gland in armpit dangerous?

Some people are concerned that having the sweat glands removed may be dangerous for the body. In fact, your armpit area only contains 2% of sweat glands in your body. Although you remove all of the sweat glands in this area, there is 98% more in other parts of your body. You will continue to sweat elsewhere.

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Alert : Common complications that can occur after surgery include: Bleeding, infection Or that inflammation They differ depending on the physical condition of each person. Therefore, caution should be followed strictly.

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