Rattinan Medical Center has ventured the anti-aging market and teamed up with the Medeze Group to offer collection and storage services for stem cells derived from fat tissue.

Rattinan Medical Center has ventured the anti-aging market

Although it’s challenging to accept that aging and decline are unavoidable, the emerging field of anti-aging medicine provides a way to slow down these processes and prolong our lifespan. By studying genetics and the cellular functioning of our internal organs, this new science provides a roadmap for planning healthcare that can help prevent diseases and delay the body’s degeneration

Therefore, anti-aging medicine has gained significant popularity in the healthcare industry, with the global market experiencing rapid growth over the last few decades. As of 2022, the market’s value has reached US$ 67.2 billion or approximately 2.34 trillion baht, and it is estimated to reach US$ 98.6 billion or 3.43 trillion baht by 2028.


Dr. Rattinan Treeratana

Dr. Rattinan Treeratana, M.D., Founder and Chairman of Rattinan Medical Center, says that “Anti-aging medicine is a holistic healthcare and integrative medicine science that employs advanced laboratory testing technologies to identify the actual causes and opportunities to prevent age-related diseases and bodily decline. The ultimate goal is to promote longevity and healthier lives by preventing the onset of such illnesses”

During the discussion, Dr. Rattinan explained the healthcare philosophy of Rattinan Medical Center, highlighting their focus on safety standards and a comprehensive approach to promoting health through prevention, restoration, and enhancement. The center also designs anti-aging programs that offer both internal and external health benefits and provides personalized consultations with expert physicians. Additionally, the center collaborates with international partners from Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and other countries to bring innovative anti-aging medical technologies to Thailand.

These advancements are geared towards prevention, with a focus on delaying age-related illnesses. For instance, the Anti-Aging Screening, which received the National Innovation Award in South Korea in 2014, is one example. By testing just 1 milliliter of blood, it measures the potency of the body’s natural killer cells (NK Cells) in the immune system to assess the risk of developing various viral infections or cancer. Additionally, the “Osaki Method” Anti-aging therapy, which is a technique used to diagnose, prevent, and increase the quantity and strength of standard immune cells, is widely accepted and extensively used in Japan.

Rattinan Medical Center, with over 24 years of expertise in personalized body contouring through liposuction, acknowledges the benefits of using fat to rejuvenate and treat the body. To this end, they have joined forces with Medeze Group Public Company Limited, a prominent company in stem research, to provide a service for extracting cells from adipose tissue using Anti-aging personal cells innovation.

This cutting-edge method separates stem cells from fat tissue, cultivates them to enhance their strength, and preserves them at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius to maintain their youthfulness. Personal Cells are entirely safe for use in anti-aging medicine as they are 100% compatible with the body and retain their ability to repair (organogenesis), reduce inflammation, and promote recovery.


Dr. Veerapol Khemarangsan

Dr. Veerapol Khemarangsan M.D., Founder and CEO of Medeze Group Public Company Limited added that “Medeze is a comprehensive stem cell storage institution. We believe that the goal of anti-aging medicine is to provide humans with good health, good quality of life and happiness. The current global trend and competition is focused on stem cell preservation as a health assurance and future benefits.

If possible, it is recommended to store your own stem cells while they are young and healthy, and free from health issues, in order to stop the aging process. Therefore, starting with high-quality fat storage using the proper medical processes is of great importance.”


Khun Noi—Napatsawan Chillanond

Khun Noi—Napatsawan Chillanond, celebrity and the owner of Siamnulux Co., Ltd., has shared her impression of the innovation of storing stem cells from her own adipose tissue, saying “It is the wonder of life” that we can store our own stem cells for immediate self-care planning as long as we are still breathing. While the world is now entering a global aging society, this innovation has the potential to challenge the traditional notion that older individuals must be frail, prone to illness, and physically deteriorating.

The Biolongevity Technology innovation from Medeze Group will change our lives, making us healthier, more youthful and with a longer lifespan.


Rattinan Medical Center has ventured the anti-aging market 1
Rattinan Medical Center has ventured the anti-aging market and teamed up with the Medeze Group to offer collection and storage services for stem cells derived from fat tissue.

“Rattinan Medical Center boasts over 24 years of experience and expertise in liposuction, ensuring the highest quality at every stage of the adipose (fat) tissue collection process. Expert physicians utilize standardized and highly safe technology to ensure optimal cell performance. The collected cells are then forwarded to Medeze Group, a certified quality standard cell storage bank, for cultivation and storage.

This ensures that customers can be confident that their cells are safely stored and of the highest quality for maximum effectiveness when retrieved for use, with a storage time of up to 60 years. ”Dr. Rattinan concluded.

Dr. Rattinan envisions that by 2024, Rattinan Medical Center will become a world-class, innovative hospital for aesthetic and medical care, offering comprehensive and integrated care with the highest quality standards, including anti-aging medicine by a team of physicians, nurses, and professional staff. The center has achieved standardized quality in the field of Ambulatory Plastic Surgical Center, certified for two consecutive years by the American Accreditation Commission International (AACI). Rattinan Medical Center is the first medical center in the Asia-Pacific region to receive this international award.