Gynecomastia (Male breast surgery) in Thailand is your good choice

Gynecomastia in Thailand

Gynecomastia, or the enlargement of breast tissue in men (men boobs), is a condition that can impact self-confidence. Thailand, renowned for its advanced healthcare and medical tourism, offers an excellent solution for those seeking male breast reduction surgery. At the forefront, Rattinan Medical Center stands out with its world-class facilities, experienced surgeons, and a holistic approach to patient care, making it an ideal destination for individuals looking to address gynecomastia effectively.

Gynecomastia: Understanding Male Breast Enlargement (men boobs)

Gynecomastia is enlargement of the male breast tissues (also known as men boob), which may cause it to look like a woman’s breast or have pointed nipples. These are physical features that many men may not like, as pointed nipples, especially, can be evident even when wearing a shirt.Gynecomastia may be embarrassing and can be a source of great insecurity, but surgical interventions can help reduce the appearance of enlarged male breasts.

Gynecomastia Causes

  • Gynecomastia in teenagers – Breast tissue growth happens in men (men boobs) during three stages in the life span of an individual and they are infancy, adolescence and old age. When teenagers go through puberty and becomes sexually mature, there are a lot of hormonal changes including estrogen dominance for some time and this can cause development of breast tissue. Not all boys going through puberty will experience this but estimated 50% may develop breast tissue growth. This called pubertal or teenage gynecomastia.
  • Gynecomastia in adults – Men who are significantly overweight are very likely to feel some enlargement of their breast tissue. This is partly caused by fat tissue under the skin on the chest wall, and partly by true breast glandular tissue. Fat tissue anywhere in the body encourages formation of estrogen, and thus can lead to gynecomastia.
  • Medical conditions – there are certain medical conditions that may also cause Gynecomastia including :

1. Hyperthyroidism 2. Klinefelter syndrome 3. Kidney disease 4. Malnutrition 5. Liver disease

  • Medications – Certain medicines can also cause Gynecomastia, medication like :

1. Antibiotics

2. Heart medicines

3. Anti-anxiety drugs

4. AIDS treatments

5. Tricyclic antidepressants

6. Chemotherapy

7. Drugs that treat heartburn

  • Foods – some foods naturally contain high levels of phytoestrogens, chemicals which closely mimic estrogen and can ‘trick’ the breast tissue into growing in response. Some foods contain high levels of phytoestrogens include :
    1. Flax and sesame seeds
    2. Soy milk and tofu
    3. Cereals and dread containing flax seeds
    4. Process foods
    5. Legumes
    6. Dried fruits
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand vs normal men boobs

Gynecomastia Symptoms

  1. Breast pain or tenderness
  2. Enlarged areola
  3. Nipple discharge (occasionally)
  4. Hard lumps
  5. Swelling

Grades of Gynecomastia

Grade 1 – Swelling behind the nipple and areola

  • Severity : Very mild

Grade 2 – Swelling across chest wall, indistinct edges

  • Severity : Mild to high

Grade 3 – More prominent swelling, definite edge

  • Severity : High and visible

Grade 4 – Sagging of breast (Feminization)

  • Severity : Severe and visibly feminine
Grades of Gynecomastia

Why Choose Thailand For Gynecomastia Surgery?

Thailand is recognized globally for its exceptional healthcare services, combining high-quality medical care with cost-effectiveness. This reputation is bolstered by the country’s investment in state-of-the-art medical facilities and a workforce of renowned healthcare professionals. These advantages make Thailand an attractive destination for medical tourism, particularly for those seeking specialized procedures like male breast reduction surgery, offering an ideal blend of professional expertise and affordability.

Rattinan Medical Center: A Leading Gynecomastia in Thailand

Rattinan Medical Center, with over 20 years of expertise, is renowned for its innovative Cross Chest technique for Gynecomastia (man boobs), offering a discreet and effective solution for male breast reduction. The technique is minimally invasive, ensuring less scarring and a natural look. The center’s surgical team is highly trained, providing personalized care tailored to each patient’s needs.

Rattinan Medical Center’s approach to Gynecomastia treatment:

  1. Specializes in the ‘Cross Chest’ technique for Gynecomastia
  2. Minimally invasive with only 1-2 cm scars
  3. Personalized surgical plans for each patient
  4. Over 20 years of surgical expertise
  5. Internationally recognized and accredited by AACI
  6. Comprehensive aftercare following American standards
  7. More than 5,000 successful surgeries performed for patients from 52 countries

Rattinan Medical Center’s Achievements

  • AACI Certification: First in Asia-Pacific for ambulatory plastic surgery, ensuring global healthcare standards.
  • Top Plastic Surgery Company in Thailand, 2023: A testament to its leadership in cosmetic excellence.
  • Best Clinic Award by, 2022: Recognition for outstanding patient care and satisfaction.
  • Inmode’s Legendary Trainer: Expertise in Inmode’s advanced aesthetic technology.
  • Global Health Award – Best Body Sculpting and Cosmetic Service Provider, 2023: Affirmation of premier body sculpting services.

Rattinan’s awards reflect its unwavering commitment to top-tier cosmetic surgery services.


Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia Treatment : Most men don’t need treatment for gynecomastia, if the problem is caused by puberty. As most cases will go away on their own. Early treatment is advice, like weight loss and stopping of medication that might cause the problem. There are also medications that men can try to reduce the swelling of their breast tissue. If early treatment and medication does not work then male breast reduction surgery might be suggested.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia may not be a serious problem, but it can cause emotional discomfort, embarrassment and impair self-confidence. To avoid these situations some men choose to undergo breast reduction surgery to remove the breast tissue. The type of surgery the surgeon will recommend will be based on his evaluation. The surgery is usually carried out by a plastic surgeon and done it in an outpatient visit. Male breast reduction with tissue excision is usually performed using general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation as an outpatient.

Proper investigations and evaluation are needed to work out the cause of enlarged breast tissue, these include the following :

  • Physical examination
  • Blood tests
  • Ultrasound scan of the breast tissue
  • Other scans like MRI of the breast area

Our Doctors

Dr. Suthipong Treeratana

Dr. Suthipong Treeratana

Surgeon – Founder & CEO

Dr. Jatuporn Suesat

Dr. Jatuporn Suesat

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Taveechai Taveecharoenkool

Dr. Taveechai Taveecharoenkool

Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Aniwat Nillakarn

Dr. Aniwat Nillakarn

Aesthetic Surgeon

Gynecomastia Surgery Costs in Bangkok

The cost for complete gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery in Bangkok, Thailand, consists of two procedures: chest liposuction and breast tissue removal via two separate incisions. The all-inclusive cost varies depending on whether only liposuction is needed (performed under local anesthesia) or if both procedures are necessary (requiring general anesthesia), starting at 130,000 baht.

gynecomastia in Thailand

Planning Your Visit

For international patients, Rattinan Medical Center streamlines the medical tourism experience, providing comprehensive support from the initial consultation to recovery. Our services include help with travel, accommodation, and a detailed treatment plan for a hassle-free journey. A dedicated Beauty Consultant will ensure personalized care throughout your stay.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand Planning Your Visit


Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand review - before after gynecomastia
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand Before & After
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand Before & After (2)
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand Before & After (4)
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand Before & After (1)
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand Before & After (3)

Preparation for gynecomastia surgery in Thailand

Preparation for gynecomastia surgery (male chest reduction) in Thailand includings:

  • Lab tests – to check your health status and any pre-existing conditions or risk factors.
  • Stop certain medications for 1 week including aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and blood thinners, all of which can increase the risk for bleeding. Certain vitamin and herbal medicine like omega-3 fatty acids, gingko biloba and green tea may also increase bleeding risk.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol prior to surgery.
  • Also avoid caffeine the day of the surgery, the numb medication we use have adrenaline that might increase heart rate. Caffeine might result in an adverse reaction of adrenaline, and heart rate may increase more.
  • Fasting of food and water for 6-8 hours on the day of the surgery.
  • Wear loose clothing on the day of the surgery for comfort. Because in some case patients have a tube attached to drain the excess blood or fluids and on top of the wound dressing you need to wear a compression garment to reduce the swelling and support the chest contour after surgery.
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand before and after reviews
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand before and after reviews
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand before and after reviews

Is it safe for Gynecomastia surgery in Bangkok, Thailand?

At Rattinan Medical Center, we’re at the forefront of offering premier gynecomastia surgery in Thailand. Our adherence to international standards, including AACI accreditation, assures you of receiving unparalleled care. Our dedicated team supports you from consultation to recovery in our world-class facility. Choose us for a blend of safety, quality, and excellence in your treatment journey.

Post surgery care instructions

  • Dressings or bandages will applied on the incisions and you will wear a compression vest (also called a compression garment) 24 hours for 3 days and 12 hours for 1 month.
  • You will be given medications with instructions, to help in healing and reduce potential infections.
  • If you develop rash or having allergic reaction to the medication, please call the clinic immediately.
  • When bathing make sure to pat the incision area dry. No soaking or swimming for at least 1 month or until the incision is fully healed. To minimize the risk of infections.
  • Schedule an appointment for changing the wound dressing if cannot done by yourself.
  • Cleaning the incisions at home. Wipe the incision gently with Bethadine and the surrounding skin with alcohol. Do not apply alcohol over the incision directly, then afterwards place the water resistant Band-Aids before shower.
  • Schedule follow-up checkup and when to remove the stitches.
  • It’s normal to feel burning, soreness on the breast and drainage coming out from the incision line during recovery.
  • Bruising and swelling will be expected for a few months and may take some time to go away.
  • Liposuction areas need massaged to help break any lumps or bumps; you may use any lotion of your choice. Massaging in a circular motion all around the treated area.
  • Exercise and vigorous activity could start after 2 weeks.
  • The first month post-surgery most patients may notice a 50% reduction of the area treated. It takes time for the swelling to go away. Takes about 6 months to 1 year to see the final results.
  • May start applying scar creams to the incisions after stitch off, if the incision line looks good and there are no open wounds or scabs.
  • Sometimes the suture will take time to dissolve and may reach the surface, if this happens you can carefully cut them.

Gynecomastia Surgery (male chest reduction) FAQ

  • What Is The Cost Of Gynecomastia In Thailand Compared To Australia Or New Zealand?

I don’t know the exact cost of the Gynecomastia surgery in Australia and New Zealand, but I believe it’s still cheaper even when you combine the cost of surgery with the costs of airfares and accomodation. Thailand used to compete with other countries for medical tourism in term of cost but now its quality and standard are more important.

Cosmetic surgeons in Thailand have far more experience because they treat more patients than surgeons in Australia and New Zealand. Liposuction, for example in our Rattinan Clinic accommodates up to 600 cases per year. It would take an Australian surgeon 4-5 year to reach that level.

  • What Are The Risks Of Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery?

The major risk of cosmetic surgery is an unpleasant result and not being able to get another appointment to fix it by the same surgeon because the patient is travelling back home. Our advice is to choose the best surgeon with a good track record in terms of results as well as responsibility for after care. Or choose the treatment that has a high success rate such as liposuction or gynecomastia. Rhinoplasty, eye surgery is complex and follow up procedures are required more often than liposuction.

Mistakes for liposuction such as uneven skin might be a non-urgent issue because the patient can cover it with cloths while enjoying a better body shape. In addition, she can wait to return when she’s ready to fix it. On the other hand, nose and eye surgery are more difficult. Patients are unable to go to work and the requirement to fix any issues is extremely urgent.

  • Why Should I Have Gynecomastia Surgery In Thailand?

There are two reasons. The first is that it is likely to cost you less than the same procedure in Australia or New Zealand even if you include travel costs. The second is that cosmetic surgeons in Thailand are highly experienced and Bangkok in particular has some of the highest quality hospitals in the world.

Gynecomastia (male chest reduction) Before and After

Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand review - before after gynecomastia
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand before and after reviews
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand before and after reviews
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand before and after reviews
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand before and after reviews
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand before and after reviews
Gynecomastia Surgery in Thailand before and after reviews
gynecomastia before and after reviews
gynecomastia surgery thailand 2

Review Male Breast Surgery / Male Chest Reduction at Rattinan Medical Center

Gynecomastia Customer Review

At Rattinan Medical Center, we specialize in Gynecomastia in Thailand, offering comprehensive male breast surgery options tailored to your needs. We invite you to start your transformative journey with us, where our skilled team is ready to restore your confidence with utmost care and expertise. Contact us to discover how we can support your path to renewed self-assurance.

Treatment Details

Alert : Common complications that can occur after surgery include: Bleeding, infection Or that inflammation They differ depending on the physical condition of each person. Therefore, caution should be followed strictly.

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