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Since our inception in 1999, Rattinan Medical Center has stood at the forefront of medical and aesthetic innovation, serving patients for over two decades. Nestled in the bustling heart of Bangkok on Silom Road, our center thrives under the visionary leadership of Dr. Suthipong Treeratana and Dr. Rattinan Treeratana. Our founders’ commitment to excellence and compassionate care has been the cornerstone of our journey.

At Rattinan Medical Center, we blend cutting-edge technology with the highest standards of medical practices. Our equipment, certified by authorized distributors in Thailand, represents the pinnacle of medical innovation, ensuring reliable and verifiable treatment outcomes. The continuous integration of new techniques and advancements underscores our commitment to evolving healthcare excellence.

Our medical team is a mosaic of expertise, featuring eminent surgeons, endoscopic specialists, vascular and orthopedic surgeons, obstetricians, and dermatologists, many of whom are revered medical professors from leading hospitals. This multidisciplinary approach ensures holistic and comprehensive care, allowing patients to benefit from the combined expertise of multiple specialists.

The heart of our practice is the unwavering focus on quality service and safety. Our experienced medical and administrative staff work tirelessly to ensure that every patient’s experience is marked by the highest levels of satisfaction. This dedication has fostered our growth and garnered us a positive reputation that extends across Thailand and to patients from 52 other countries.
Our achievements and commitment to excellence are reflected in the various awards and recognitions we have received. These include certification for a large operating room by the Ministry of Public Health, setting a benchmark with AACI standards as the first in the Asia-Pacific region, and leading positions in Picosecond laser, miraDry sweat reduction laser, and Bodytite fat suction by Inmode. We are also proud recipients of the prestigious ELSA award for excellence in gastric surgery and the Excellent level Patient Service Award from
At Rattinan Medical Center, we don’t just offer treatments; we offer a promise – a promise of world-class care, innovative solutions, and a journey towards better health and beauty.
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We are always ready to take care of you.

We continuously improve our treatment and service quality. You are therefore confident every time you come to use the service. We are also accredited by many organizations and are well equipped with equipment and tools. You can be assured that we will serve you to your fullest potential.

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Excellent Service

At Rattinan Medical Center, you will find a team comprising highly trained and specialized doctors, nurses, and receptionists, ensuring each procedure is conducted with utmost safety and effectiveness. Your experience at the center will be one of warmth, comfort, and satisfaction, reflecting their commitment to excellence in patient care. Additionally, Rattinan Medical Center offers you an invaluable online consultation service for free, led by experienced specialists, designed to educate and guide you, enabling informed decisions about your healthcare needs.


Rattinan Medical Center has received service quality certification according to international standards, specifically from the American Accreditation Commission International (AACI) in the United States, for the ‘Ambulatory Plastic Surgery Center’-an outpatient plastic surgery center. We are proud to be recognized as the first in Asia Pacific for two consecutive years.

WhatClinic Patient Service AWARD 2022

Rattinan Medical Center has been honored with the ‘WhatClinic Patient Service Award 2022’ for outstanding international customer service for the fourth consecutive year, consistently earning the trust of both Thai and foreign customers.

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Rattinan Medical Center has been certified for having a Large Operating Room (Certified Operating Room) that meets the standards set by the Ministry of Public Health. This certification not only ensures compliance but also enhances safety, instilling confidence in those who choose our services.


Rattinan Medical Center is proud to announce that we have received a certificate from the Department of Health for maintaining establishments that meet the standards for cleanliness, safety, and COVID-19 prevention.


Why Rattinan Medical Center

Why Rattinan Medical Center


News & Update

Rattinan Medical Center

has ventured the anti-aging market and teamed up with the Medeze Group to offer collection and storage services for stem cells derived from fat tissue.

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