The beginning of Rattinan Medical Center was founded by a team of doctors who have experience in various aspects of beauty. There is a need to establish a center for body contouring surgery in the heart of Bangkok. We therefore consider our customers more than profit. Choose to set up only one clinic to take care of

It has been operating since 1999 by trusted doctors and staff. Reduce the chance of mistakes with customers. Who came to receive service All equipment that meets modern medical standards, the nursing facility must be clean, modern, germ-free, meeting international standards.

We are always ready to take care of you.

We continuously improve our treatment and service quality. You are therefore confident every time you come to use the service. We are also accredited by many organizations and are well equipped with equipment and tools. You can be assured that we will serve you to your fullest potential.

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Excellent service

We have a team of doctors, OR nurses and receptionists with special expertise. Through specialized training So that the surgery is safe And always get the best results

With services that impresses, smiles, and happiness to everyone who comes to use the surgery services And complementary in all categories Free online answering service No cost By experienced specialists To educate people who are interested

Why Rattinan Medical Center

Why Rattinan Medical Center


News & Update

Rattinan Medical Center

has ventured the anti-aging market and teamed up with the Medeze Group to offer collection and storage services for stem cells derived from fat tissue.

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