Eva Longoria Unveiled as the Global Brand Ambassador for InMode

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria, known for her remarkable achievements as an actress, producer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and mother over the past two decades, has been announced as the Global Brand Ambassador for InMode. Widely recognized for her iconic role in “Desperate Housewives” and acclaimed for her directorial projects such as the documentary “La Guerra Civil” and the highly anticipated film “Flamin’ Hot,” Longoria continues to make significant strides for women and the Latinx community in the entertainment industry.

Through the campaign with InMode, Longoria aims to showcase her personal journey and highlight how the company’s diverse range of treatments have helped her feel her absolute best. Following the birth of her son, Longoria turned to InMode technologies to achieve natural and sculpted results. She has been utilizing the Morpheus8 Body and EvolveX Transform treatments for skin remodeling, toning, and ongoing maintenance.

“As InMode’s Global Ambassador, I am excited to share my post-delivery body transformation story,” expresses Longoria. “While I lead an active lifestyle and prioritize my body’s well-being, I encountered physical changes after giving birth that my regular routine and diet couldn’t fully address. InMode’s EvolveX Transform and Morpheus8 Body treatments came to my rescue, providing effective solutions and delivering amazing results.”

EvolveX Transform is a hands-free, non-invasive total body treatment that revolutionizes the skin, targets fat, and tones muscles. On the other hand, Morpheus8 Body utilizes a minimally invasive approach to subdermal remodeling, effectively rejuvenating the deeper layers of the skin and stimulating collagen production.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Eva Longoria as our partner,” says Shakil Lakhani, President of InMode North America. “Her authentic and personal experience with InMode technologies makes her the ideal person to share her story on a global scale.”

About InMode

InMode is a prominent global provider of innovative medical technologies. The company specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of devices that harness groundbreaking radiofrequency (RF) technology. With a commitment to advancing surgical procedures and enhancing existing treatments, InMode offers a comprehensive line of products across various categories, including plastic surgery, gynecology, dermatology, otolaryngology, and ophthalmology. To learn more about InMode and its extensive range of medical technologies, visit www.inmodemd.com.