Rattinan Medical Center Introduces Revolutionary BodyTite Pro Liposuction in Thailand in 2023

Bangkok, Thailand – Rattinan Medical Center, the leading medical institution in Thailand, is proud to introduce the revolutionary BodyTite Pro liposuction, the most popular and effective body contouring technology in Thailand in 2023. BodyTite Pro, guaranteed by Dr. Suthipong Treeratana, Asia-Pacific BodyTite® liposuction certified trainer, is a safe and obviously effective way to get rid of fat from the body, providing patients with the best value for their money.

BodyTite Pro is a technology that utilizes heat energy (Radiofrequency Wave) to remove fat from the body and tighten the skin, resulting in firmer skin without the need for additional lifting costs. The RF waves stimulate collagen production, providing additional benefits to the procedure. The technology has a temperature display screen and cannulas with sensors to prevent skin burns during the procedure. Multiple cannula sizes are available for doctors to choose from for different body parts, such as BodyTite, FaceTite, and AccuTite. The small suction nozzle minimizes pain and swelling, allowing patients to return home after the procedure.

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The problem of loose skin after fat removal can be reduced with BodyTite Pro, as it includes technology that helps to tighten the skin. This allows patients to show off their beautiful body faster without worrying about sagging skin after the procedure. As a result, the BodyTite Pro has become the preferred choice for liposuction in Thailand.

To maximize fat removal, Dr. Suthipong has incorporated the MicroAire PAL device into his treatment. The Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) technology is widely used to assist in liposuction procedures, especially in the United States. It helps increase efficiency in fat suction even in hard-to-reach areas and hard and fibrous fat. The vibration system breaks down the fat before suctioning it out, reducing fatigue during the surgeon’s work and suction time. Various suction nozzles can be used specifically for the desired fat suction location, and the blunt liposuction cannula is safer than a sharp suction head. The MicroAire PAL can dissolve and suction a large amount of fat, with less bruising than traditional liposuction. It also helps reduce the risk of uneven or dimpled skin, as it is not a thermal energy. Fat suction with PAL can be used to fill different parts of the body or can be extracted and processed into stem cells for anti-aging and health restoration purposes.

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At Rattinan Medical Center, we provide attentive care to every customer, with unique and special fat removal techniques, including the use of radio waves and vibration systems to treat simultaneously. Our treatment also includes adapting to suit problem areas to ensure the treatment is as effective as possible. Currently, liposuction is an advanced treatment that has evolved significantly in terms of technology, equipment, and the expertise of doctors. As a result, it is much safer than traditional liposuction. In particular, liposuction with BodyTite Pro and MicroAire PAL can give you a better body shape without causing harm or serious side effects.

Rattinan Medical Center, the leading liposuction institution in Thailand, has been providing services for over 24 years, with treatment performed by Dr. Suthipong Treeratana, a certified trainer in liposuction in the Asia-Pacific region and an expert in BodyTite and PAL liposuction. Rattinan Medical Center has been trusted by both Thai and foreign clients continuously as one of the safest liposuction institutes in Thailand.

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