Penis Enlargement Surgery In Thailand

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The article on Penis Enlargement Surgery was written by Dr. Suthipong Treeratana, Surgeon, Founder & CEO.

The average penis size ranges between 12.9 and 14 centimeters (cm), with a flaccid penis measuring 9 cm on average. Most penises fall within this normal range. With that said, for individuals who feel insecure about the size of their penis or are dissatisfied with their sexual compatibility with a partner, penis enlargement can be an option. Penis enlargement injections may also be considered for micropenis, defined as a penis size under 7 cm when erect. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about penis enlargement surgery in Thailand, including its potential side effects.

How does penis enlargement surgery work?

There are several methods for penis enlargement surgery. Simply type ‘penis enlargement before after’ on Google to see how each type would look.

Below, we will briefly go over the most commonly used procedures:

  1. Penile implant: This procedure involves placing a crescent-shaped, medical-grade silicone piece under the penile skin to increase both length and width. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this procedure, where a surgeon inserts a silicone slip through an incision above the penis. Ultimately, this will shape it to fit the size and form of the penis.

  2. Fat transfer: During a fat transfer, a surgeon removes fat cells from a fatty area of the body and injects them into the penile shaft through small incisions on the sides.

  3. Suspensory ligament division: This procedure, also known as ligamentolysis, makes the flaccid penis appear longer by cutting the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. The surgeon may also move the skin from the abdomen to the shaft. However, this doesn’t increase the actual size.

  4. Other materials: Less popular methods include tissue grafts, hyaluronic acid injections, polylactic acid injections, and penile disassembly.

Is penis enlargement surgery in Thailand effective?

Penis enlargement surgery can increase penis girth by up to 56.7%, leading to high patient satisfaction and improved self-confidence and self-esteem. Studies have shown positive results with silicone implants correcting a retractile penis, as well as a combination of silicone spacers and fat transfer to enhance both length and girth.

Who may benefit from penis enlargement surgery?

The indications for penis enlargement surgery are somewhat vague. However, individuals may consider penis enlargement surgery for medical reasons, especially if they have a micropenis or a buried penis. Micropenis is a condition present from birth that involves a significantly small penis. On the other hand, a buried penis refers to a condition where the penis is concealed beneath the skin.

Those with these conditions often seek surgery to restore the functionality of their penis, including the ability to urinate standing up and engage in penetrative sexual intercourse.

Other candidates for penis enlargement surgery:

In many cases, individuals who want to undergo penis enlargement surgery are motivated by dissatisfaction with the visual appearance of their penis. Even if they can urinate standing up or participate in sexual activities, concerns about insufficient length or girth may still be present. Persistent concerns about penis size can significantly impact daily life and affect work, personal relationships, as well as overall mood.

Individuals who experience distress despite being reassured by a doctor that their penis size is normal may be struggling with conditions such as penile dysmorphophobia disorder (PDD) or small penis anxiety (SPA). PDD includes people who perceive their penis as smaller than its actual size, potentially leading to depression and even contributing to erectile difficulties. SPA presents with anxiety in situations where one’s genitals may be visible to others, such as in a locker room or during sexual activities.

Penis Enlargement: How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of penis enlargement surgery in Thailand varies slightly from one clinic to another. However, the country boasts a significantly lower average cost compared to other nations. As a general rule of thumb, one can expect to pay around $1,000 to $1,500 for penis enlargement surgery in Thailand. To put this into perspective, contrast this figure with the United States, where such surgery can cost up to $30,000. This stark difference in cost is a major reason why many international tourists choose to visit Thailand to benefit from more affordable medical and surgical procedures.

Is penis enlargement safe?

Like all other surgeries, penis enlargement surgery carries a few risks. Some of these include penile deformities, severe shortening, curvature, swelling, subcutaneous masses, infection, non-healing wounds, and sexual dysfunction.

Possible experiences post-surgery include:

    • Bruising at the site of the penis enlargement injection.
    • Bruising or bleeding at the incision.
    • Infection.
    • Swelling.
    • Temporary loss of sensation in the penis.
    • Pain with an erection.
    • Scarring.

A recent study that investigated the complications of penis enlargement surgery demonstrated that this procedure may cause penile curvature, sexual dysfunction, and non-healing wounds. However, the rates of these risks were found to be very low.

Additionally, the use of anesthesia during surgery may pose other risks, including:

    • Cardiac arrhythmias.
    • Allergic reactions to anesthesia.
    • Confusion upon waking up from sedation.
    • Awareness during surgery.
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What is the recovery duration for penis enlargement surgery?

Recovery from penis enlargement surgery typically takes a considerable amount of time. Studies indicate that individuals should refrain from strenuous exercise for around 30 days. Regarding sexual activity, it is advisable to abstain for approximately 60 days.

It is recommended that you closely collaborate with your doctor during the recovery phase to monitor and ensure the proper healing of the penis.

Takeaway message: Penis enlargement surgery in Thailand helps thousands of patients every year to feel better about the shape and size of their penis, leading to a happier sexual life. The pros and relatively low cost of this surgery have made it a popular choice for many individuals who are self-conscious about their penis size.

Hopefully, this article has effectively highlighted the benefits and side effects of penis enlargement surgery in Thailand.

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